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Spousal Support Lawyer

Going to a law office can be intimidating. We get it, but rest assured, we’re here to help you.

Prior Lake, MN Spousal Support Lawyer Serving the South Metro

If you made most (or all) of the money for the household during your marriage, it’s possible that your ex will request spousal support after the divorce.

Will they get it? If the judge determines your ex can’t afford to make a living with their current job or they don’t have the means to get gainful employment, you bet they’ll get spousal support. It’s important to hire a spousal support attorney to help you through it.

What is Spousal Support Based On?

Not every divorce results in spousal support. Plenty of couples have split and gone their own ways financially. But if your divorce does lead to spousal support, it’ll be based on these factors:

How Much is Spousal Support & How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

There are no specific guidelines for how much spousal support you’ll have to pay and you’ll have to keep making payments until your ex is remarried, cohabitating, or dead. If you’re getting divorced and need to know your options for spousal support, our lawyer can help you.

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At Therres Law Office, our family law and divorce lawyer is welcoming, personable, and collaborative. Our team offers a comforting presence and give helpful guidance from a place of genuine care.

But when it comes to unfair negotiations and unfriendly courtrooms, our claws come out. We are probably all that stands between you and an overwhelming judicial system, so we take it very seriously.

We’re eager to wield our experience to help you feel safe and self-assured as you negotiate terms that affect the most precious part of your life — Your family. Call 952-226-2223 for your free consultation!

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