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Find an Attorney Who Cares About You

Nov 22, 2021

Is it too much to ask of your attorney to care about your case? It shouldn’t be.

A few years ago, I was in Court representing a client facing misdemeanor criminal charges. As we sat in the Courtroom waiting for our case to be called, a gentleman behind me remarked that the Assistant County Attorney seemed like a jerk. Actually, he did not say “jerk.” The adjective he used was more colorful.

This fellow was quietly chatting with his friend, speculating about how much money the private attorneys were “making off of” the people in the room. His anger at the system, and everyone who works within it, was palpable.

He said, “For how much money lawyers make, doesn’t it piss you off that you can never find one who gives a shit about you? Imagine an attorney that actually cares. Like, REALLY gives a damn what happens to you. Now that would be an interesting day around here.” 

I turned around, gave him my business card, and said, “Hey – call me. I care. Full disclosure, I don’t usually practice criminal law. But I’ll see what I can do.”     

He called my office the next day and set up an appointment. Twenty minutes into our free consultation, I knew I lacked the expertise to handle his case, but I made a personal call right then and there with a friend and colleague who I knew could help him.

With my colleague on speaker, the three of us made a plan to help this potential client feel empowered within the judicial system. I truly believe he felt that my colleague and I cared about him and his situation. It was a gratifying day of work.

Choose an Attorney Who Knows You Matter

My colleagues can tell that I care about my cases and my clients. It intimidates opposing attorneys to no end. Their tangible fear is amusing until the personal attacks begin. When you do this work, day in and day out, it takes courage to care about the cases you touch.

The downside of an adversarial system is that someone always has to lose. It is painful to be someone who cares on those days. Some attorneys buffer themselves from the pain by refusing to care at all. 

Forget for a moment that the logical complement to pain after loss is elation when you win. That is true. But that is not why your attorney should care about your case. Your representation should care about you because YOU MATTER. You are worthy of their courage. Your future warrants some risks.    

Attorneys are people of great privilege and power. Hire one who cares about you. Challenge them to be courageous. Expect nothing less.

About Martha Therres, PLLC

Martha is a jiu-jitsu-practicing, crochet-rocking mother of two awesome boys and four cuddly pets. She is also the founder of Therres Law Office.

Martha is proud to say that she has experience as both a lawyer and as a client. Whatever you’re going through, she has likely experienced something similar. She will get it.

When you work with Martha, you’re getting an attorney who truly cares about your situation. She wants what’s best for your life and will handle your legal matters as if they were her own.

Attorney Martha Therres is caring, passionate, ethical, trustworthy, and knows that law is not just her career—It’s her life force.

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