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Thank you for visiting our website. Martha Therres has moved to Gilbert, Alden, & Barbosa, PLLC, in Burnsville, Minnesota. She can be reached by email at You can call her at (952) 300-2937 or (651) 757-8009. IF you do not email her at her new email address, or call her at one of these numbers, she might not see your correspondence.

Attorney Martha Therres Has Moved to Gilbert Alden Barbosa PLLC in Burnsville, MN

Attorney Martha Therres remains committed to helping clients with all family law issues. However, it’s important to announce that she has moved to Gilbert Alden Barbosa PLLC in Burnsville, Minnesota...

Free Tool — MN Child Support Calculator

Here’s a reality that surprises no one: Money can cause problems for people. I know, I know … shocking, right? Money often drives wedges into relationships and continues to be a pain point after t...

What’s an Annulment? [Things You Need to Know]

We get this question a lot, so we figured it would be a good idea to have the answer right on our website! If we want to look at this in a simplified way, a divorce ends a valid marriage, while an ann...

3 Important Things to Know About Mediation Services

Divorce is overwhelming. It has a nasty reputation. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be a brutal court battle. If you and your spouse are level-headed and willing to work together, you might no...

Domestic Abuse During the Holidays

I know, it’s a heavy topic. Why couldn’t I just focus on a fun Christmas-themed blog instead? Because it’s reality and I’m a family law attorney who gives a damn. I can’t just sit back and i...

Find an Attorney Who Cares About You

Is it too much to ask of your attorney to care about your case? It shouldn’t be. A few years ago, I was in Court representing a client facing misdemeanor criminal charges. As we sat in the Courtroom...

Dealing With Divorce [Parenting, Coping, & Personal Growth]

In December 2018, I posted the following on Facebook, referring to conversations with my then 9-year-old son: Christmas, 1 year into Co-Parenting Tad: Can I take this [present] to Dad’s, Mom? Me...

Legally Blonde v. The Real Law School Experience

I polled some of my dearest friends for pop culture references that would be intriguing in a blog post. I only got one reply. It must be tough for normal people to think of anything on Earth they want...

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