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Thank you for visiting our website. Martha Therres has moved to Gilbert, Alden, & Barbosa, PLLC, in Burnsville, Minnesota. She can be reached by email at You can call her at (952) 300-2937 or (651) 757-8009. IF you do not email her at her new email address, or call her at one of these numbers, she might not see your correspondence.
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About Us

Going to a law firm and meeting with an attorney can be intimidating. We get it! But rest assured—We care about you and we’re here to help.

Fearless, Caring Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Prior Lake, MN

At Therres Law Office, you’ll be welcomed by a caring, collaborative family law and divorce attorney in Prior Lake, MN. Our amazing team will give you a reassuring presence and provide helpful leadership from a place of genuine understanding. We’ll give you a reassuring presence and provide helpful leadership from a place of genuine understanding.

Overall, we’re cheerful people and easy to be around. But when it comes to unfair negotiations and unfriendly courtrooms, our claws will come out.

The judicial system can be overwhelming for our clients, so we take our job very seriously. We’re fiercely loyal and want what’s best for you!

You can trust that we’ll use our legal experience to help you feel safe and confident as you negotiate terms that affect the most cherished aspects of your life.

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Our Consultation Process in 3 Simple Steps


An attorney will contact you to schedule a meeting (not an assistant). Please bring any and all court filings in your possession.


You’ll come to our office and fill out a contact information form (way less intrusive than a medical intake).


We’ll sit down, have some coffee, and chat. Nothing formal, just some basic questions.

Some Questions We Might Discuss

How long have you been married? Or, how long were you together?
Are there any children? What are they like? How old are they?
When did you separate? Why? Are you living together?
What inspired you to seek an attorney right now?
What is the most important outcome for you?

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